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Please note the following in relation to wheelchair accessibility:

The Room booking web-page for each lecture theatre will indicate if the room is Accessible for Students/Audience members who use wheelchairs and also if the lecturing position, including access to the Audio Visual equipment, is Accessible for Lecturers who use wheelchairs

For the rooms where there is NOT Accessibility to the podium for Lecturers using Wheelchairs, please contact Room Bookings/AVMS in advance. In some cases, an acceptable ad-hoc arrangement can be facilitated to allow the lecture to proceed but if this is not possible, Room bookings will endeavour to re-locate the lecture to a suitable room.

More Specific information on the Audio Visual equipment in the room is available at Should the lecturer intend to use their own equipment or have a particular requirement not dealt with in this web-page, please inform AVMS in advance for advice.

More specific information regarding conferencing is available at

In the case of Students/Staff with disabilities other than use of Wheelchairs; please contact Room Bookings and AVMS in advance.

The information on Accessibility for Lecturers who use wheelchairs is based on persons using Self-Propelled wheelchairs. For Lecturers who use larger or motorised chairs please inform Room Bookings in advance for advice on Accessibility.